Directorio Legislativo for the americas

Establecida en Miami, Florida, nuclea los proyectos regionales de la organización fundada en Argentina


Directorio Legislativo’s re gional work began when it founded the Latin American Network for Legislative Transparency (LALT Network) in 2009. The Network promotes an ambitious regional pro-transparency agenda. It currently gathers twenty-four NGOs from thirteen LAC countries. In 2011 it published the first Latin American Index on Legislative Transparency to measure and rank participating countries’ legislative openness. Directorio Legislativo still plays a key role in steering its work.

The recognition and experience gained by Directorio Legislativo along the way stimulated its involvement in other regional and global initiatives: the creation of;the development and operation of a congressional activity tracking system in eighteen LAC countries; the formation of the Legislative Openness Working Group within the Open Government Partnership (link); and its Executive Director´s appointment as a member of the OGP Steering Committee, to name a few.

Directorio Legislativo for the Americas, also known as DL4A, is a non-partisan non-profit which aims to make policymaking in the Americas more representative, transparent, open to stakeholder input, and easier to follow.

DL4A is a sister organization of Directorio Legislativo, a non-profit founded and based in Argentina, whose mission is to promote the strengthening of legislative branches of government and the consolidation of the democratic system, through dialogue, transparency and access to public information. DL4A is its headquarters for U.S. projects and services, and the hub from where most of its cross-country and regional work is conducted.

he work of DL4A is led and performed by Directorio Legislativo’s team of experts, many of whom are based in Argentina, with the collaboration of external consultants from other LAC countries.

Most of the work is developed in partnership with local and international NGOs, and both public and private supporters, through established alliances and networks.

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