What we do

Political Analysis and Information Services

Under the premise that strong democracies require informed and active citizens who understand the basis of citizenship, politics and government, DL4A created a social enterprise that provides political analysis, information and education services. Such services are offered in 18 LAC countries. All profits generated by this undertaking are used to fund DL4A’s and Directorio Legislativo’s non-profit work.

The Political Analysis and Information Services team of DL4A gathers quality information, conducts independent analyses, and makes this knowledge available to others in different formats and at different fora. Its purpose is to make more and better policy and government-related information available to the public, voters, civic groups and the business community, and to help citizens understand what goes on in the political arena.

The services provided are two-fold:

Tracking congressional activity in LAC countries and publishing bill summaries, updates, reports, alerts, statistics and the like.  The analyses are both country-specific and comparative.

The information is then:
  • Sold as a subscription service to corporate and non-corporate clients in 18 LAC countries.
  • Made available to the public through social media, specialized press, and websites, among other means

Providing analysis, reporting, education, and public information services, referring to matters of public concern, aimed at the citizenry or at specific audiences in LAC countries. This is done through a variety of means and products.

Some examples are:
  • Briefings on the status of specific legislation and policies in one or more countries.
  • Reports on the structure, composition and legislative processes of congresses across LAC countries.
  • Legislative Forecast Reports.
  • Reports on the popularity of acting Presidents of LAC countries, and their legislatures.

Where we are


1101 Brickell Avenue
South Tower, 8th Floor
Miami, Florida (33131)


(+786) 725-1986