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Strengthening Democracies Program

This program aims to strengthen democracy by ensuring that public institutions and processes are effective, transparent, accountable, accessible and inclusive.

The Program’s main lines of actions are three:




DL4A facilitates access to public information and transparency in LAC legislatures by advancing best practices, advocating for reform, and disseminating actionable information. This line of action’s cornerstone contributions consists of: 

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    • Publishing on-line and printed legislative directories with useful information on LAC countries’ lawmakers, to help their citizens understand who represents them and how they are being represented.
    • Developing ICTs and civic tech tools to create, use and disseminate bill tracking systems that help the citizens of LAC countries know and understand what goes on in their legislatures.
    • • Convening and steering regional and country-specific alliances to advance pro-transparency agendas regionally (e.g., Latin American Network for Legislative Transparency, and Groups of Transparent Members of Parliament).

    DL4A contributes to making public institutions in LAC more responsive to citizens’ concerns by pushing pressing issues into the policymaking agenda and facilitating citizen participation, dialogue and the widest consensus possible once they are there. This work consists of leading civic engagement and consensus building processes among NGOs, citizens, academia, the business community and policymakers. DL4A uses a unique methodology to guide and conduct these types of multi-stakeholder public-private efforts.

    DL4A catalyzes reforms in LAC electoral systems and processes so that they become more transparent, open, inclusive, and respectful of political rights. This is done by advancing reforms both in LAC countries and in regions that gather large populations of LAC citizens. This line of action’s cornerstone contributions consists of:

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      • Enhancing diaspora voting so as to increase the number of LAC immigrants living in the US who register and vote in their home country elections.
      • • Implementing advocacy strategies to modernize electoral systems and political participation in LAC countries through legal reform, voter and civic education on democratic rights and responsibilities, electoral assistance, the promotion of minorities as voters and candidates, the establishment of independent and permanent electoral management bodies, and the like.

      The Strengthening Democracies Program is keen on undertaking other reasonable, unbiased and effective initiatives that have the potential to ensure inclusive and effective democratic governance by advocating for reform, impartially monitoring and disseminating information, fostering spaces for dialogue, achieving consensus, building institutions and modernizing democratic processes

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